• What is your refund policy?

    All payments under this Agreement are non-refundable. The client shall not be entitled to a refund, including but not limited to termination of this Agreement. Payment under this Agreement reserves Coach’s time, material, and intellectual property and prevents someone else from benefiting from Coach’s services; as such, all funds paid shall be considered compensation for services rendered are not refundable.

  • What is the cancelation policy?

    The client agrees to provide a 4-hours of notice of cancellation in advance of such session. The client agrees to pay the entire session fee for any session not canceled 4 hours in advance, and any sessions not canceled 4 hours in advance will not be rescheduled. The Coach reserves the right to categorize a session as a "No-Show" if the client is more than 15 minutes late. The client agrees to pay the entire session fee for any session categorized as "No-Show", the session will not be rescheduled.

  • What is your late payment policy?

    A late fee equal to 5% of the missed payment will be added to every payment not paid within 5 days of the due date. Client access to the curriculum, sessions, meetings, and exclusive community will be suspended if 5 day grace period is exceeded.

  • Are results guarantee?

    Clients are responsible for results. The Coach can not do the work for the client. If the Client consistently does the work, the client will receive the results.

  • What is your payment policy?

    Per our terms of service, "The client shall pay to Coach the total amount of the product and or service purchased and provided regardless of the client’s level of participation or active status. A deposit, equal to 1 installment payment is due immediately to services."