Building A God-Driven Business

It's your time.

BLPS is a 10-Week startup development program that builds a solid business foundation for new coaches and those looking to relaunch. Coaches learn how to create more impact, more time, and more money with our 4-pillar system.

Access your untapped potential and create your ideal coaching practice where you can bring all of you and serve at a kingdom level.

And guess what! That deep desire to serve a greater purpose and have full autonomy over the work you do was planted in you by God.  

It's high time to listen to your intuition and start your purpose-driven business this year. 

Are you still unsure?

Listen to what our clients are saying about BLPS.

This Is Perfect For You If...

  • Your business is 0-days to 1-year old.

  • You want to start your own coaching practice.

  • Your average hourly rate is less than $250.

  • You know that the dream of making an impact on the world will not happen overnight.

  • You are ready to push the excuses aside and get to work.

  • You are willing in finding 2-4 hours per week to working on your business.

  • You are ready to add God to your business and want to learn how.

  • You are ready to make a financial and time investment to propel your business forward.....(Even if you are not sure where the investment will come from, you are ready to explore the options.)

  • You are extremely committed to launching your coaching practice successfully.

  • You know little to nothing about the neccessary steps of starting your business.

What You Walk Away With

  • Reach Your Startup Goals Faster

    With training and support from someone who has been where you are, made the mistakes, and developed a system for success, you will reach your goals faster than your peers.

  • Own Your Value In Pricing

    You will no longer be afraid to ask for the rate your desire. Nor will you be shy to lovingly turn down pro bono requests.

  • Spirtually Align With Your Purpose

    Inviting God into your business for more profound and complete success will help you stay spiritually aligned with your purpose.

  • Develop Confidence And Courage

    Confidence and courage will help you obtain high-ticket clients, take measured risks to grow your business, and much more.

  • Optimize Long-Term Success

    When you do the work and receive support, you'll reap the benefits of long-term success.

  • Obtain Clarity And Focus

    Clarity and focus will help you work on what's important and delegate what is not.

  • Feel Like An Empowered Women

    There is nothing more empowering than having the confidence in the impact you make with the community you are meant to serve.

  • Supported In Your Journey

    Rolande and her team will support you in your business startup journey so you do not feel overwhelmed or alone.

  • Connections To Other Business Women Like Yourself

    BLPS will provide you with an exclusive network of current and past clients who have been where you've are and are going where you want to go.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Packet

    • Onboarding Video

    • 2022 BLPS Welcome Packet 5.13.22

    • Client Intake Form

    • Prep Schoolers Community

    • Pre-Paid 30-Minute Private Coaching Session

    • Paid 30-Minute Private Coaching Session

  • 2

    Module 1: Discovering Your Target Audience

    • Pleasing God Rather Than Men (Optional)

    • Target Audience and Soulmate Client Persona

    • Market Research

    • Am I Worthy? (Optional)

    • Using Calendly Scheduling App (Optional)

  • 3

    Module 2: Developing Your Signature Program

    • To Help Others (Optional)

    • God's Word on Serving Others

    • It Is Safe (Optional)

    • Features vs Benefits

    • Creating Your Signature Program

    • Course Creator Map (Optional)

    • Pricing Considerations

    • How To Use The Pricing Calculator (Optional)

    • Coaching Program Pricing Calculator (Optional)

    • Rules of Content Creation

    • Primary Sources of Content For Your Course (Optional)

    • Learning Platform Considerations (Optional)

  • 4

    Module 3: Sales Basics

    • Prayer For Sales, Daily Effective Prayer (Optional)

    • God's Word on Sales

    • 8 Steps of Sales

    • Finding 4-5 Figure Leads on LinkedIn

    • LinkedIn Lead Generation via Schools, Companies, Following, and Connections (Optional)

    • Using Hashtags to Find Leads on LinkedIn (Optional)

    • Finding Phone Numbers On LinkedIn (Optional)

    • Creating Your Pitch

    • Follow Up

    • Pre-Qualifying Prospects

    • Discovery Call

    • Handling Objections

  • 5

    Module 4: Sales Pages And Payment Gateways

    • Prayer for Increasing Sales (Optional)

    • God's Word on Sales

    • Contracts

    • Sales Pages

    • Payment Gateways

    • Top 3 Reasons to Offer Multiple Payment Options (Optional)

    • 6 Steps To Collecting A Debt (Optional)

  • 6

    Module 5: Client Experiene

    • Prayer For Serving Customers (Optional)

    • God's Word On Customer Service

    • Pre-Onboarding Process

    • Pre-Onboarding Checklist (Optional)

    • Onboarding Process

    • Gift Giving

    • Building An Exclusive Community

    • Offboarding Process

  • 7

    Bonus: Additional Revenue Sources (Optional)

    • Subcontracts

    • Consulting

    • Would you like more training in consulting?

    • Affiliate Links


Total Value of $1,085

  • Startup Camp ($270/Annul Membership Value)

    Includes 1-year membership to classes like visual branding, Swipe Value full of templates, and monthly to all courses except Business Launch Prep School. Course inventory is growing.

  • Preferred Vendor List ($275 Value)

    Our preferred vendor list offers you a trusted roster of experts to help with marketing copy, graphic design, website design, virtual assistance, and more.

  • Startup Growth & Protection Bundle ($540 Value)

    Learn how to scale your business with commercial and government contracting. Protect your intellectual property with a lesson on trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

  • Business Filing Basics ($275 Value)

    This course will show you how to successfully file your business and legally operate your business within your state.

US Army Veteran, CEO & Founder of Determined Steps LLC

LaTorcha Polati

Do not wait another day, because it will be one more day away from achieving your dream. With all that BLPS will give to you, along with your determination, success is inevitable. Read the “US Army Women Veteran Creates Spiritual Alignment and Leadership Coaching Firm” case study under our portfolio to learn more about LaTorcha’s experience in BLPS.

Intimacy Doula, CEO & Founder of Getcho Bliss

Yeside Davis

Invest in yourself and the legacy you want to build. BLPS, helps you build the launching pad for your business. It sets you up for success. Sign up!

Advocate To Domestic Violence Victims and Mother

Elmis Navarro

Working with Rolande has been life-changing. Her professionalism and compassion are amazing. She has supported me through each step I take.

US Airforce Veteran and Mogul

Celeste Bethell Purdie

Thank you to my fellow Veteran Rolande S Sumner for helping me clarify a few goals. You coached me right into some actionable items that just needed clarity and boundaries. I appreciate you! You got me where I needed to be by framing up great questions and listening for what was left unsaid!

US Airforce Veteran, Mom, Wife, Entreprenuer, and Athlete

Amanda Beauchamp

Before working with Rolande, I was frustrated with no one to really listen to and provide objective feedback. After my first few sessions, I learned how to think through the noise in my mind; that I truly knew what I wanted to do. She helped me modify my thinking so I would doubt myself less and instead take action. I learned it was okay to make shifts in the plan and not to feel insecure about it. My time with Rolande resulted in a laid-out plan, peace of mind in the process (journey) and confidence in my decision making.